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Dr. Roland Chia Ming Shen  has now enhanced his dentistry practice by becoming the first and only breath clinic for Malaysia under Breezecare Group. At present the first breath clinic is based in Klinik Pergigian Dr. Roland Chia at Lido and also Klinik Pergigian Pantai at Api-Api Center Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
A Breath Clinic has the technology to analyze patient with BAD Breath/Halitosis using OralChroma Machine.

DO YOU KNOW ,     What is BAD BREATH ?

Bad Breath is a simple metabolic equation. Bacteria that already live in the mouth and throat colonise in coatings that build up daily on the tongue, teeth, gums and mucous at the back of the throat. If a coating is more than twelve hours old then the bacteria are able to break down the proteins contained in the coatings. The waste product of this bacterial breakdown is sulphur. The sulphur presents as three volatile gases that can smell as either rotten eggs, faeces, or cabbage and gasoline. 

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